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I finally got the chance to try Waldo's Chicken & Beer, and boy was it good. Not only was the food delicious, but the dining atmosphere and vibe made this place a great experience. I loved the outdoor patio with string lights. Now let's get to the food. The tenders were excellent and it was clear they were freshly made by people who know what they're doing. This place specializes in fried chicken. The fries were equally delicious and well seasoned. I appreciated the large selection of sauces and drink options. I'm looking forward to coming back here on a Tuesday evening for live trivia. If I ever opened my dream restaurant, it would probably be very similar to Waldo's. Well done. Thanks to @tailor_holley for the recommendation. @waldoschickenbham
Breading: 9/10 Meat: 9/10 Freshness: 9/10 Sauce: 8/10 Wow factor: 8/10 Value: 7/10 Overall: 9.3/10 Cost: $9.99 #chicken #chickentenders #chickenfingers #chickenstrips #food 📷: @billyswifty
On Saturday I went to an interesting restaurant called The Stillery located on the Coosa River in Lincoln, AL. This restaurant was interesting because it looked out over the river and it was very open inside and had a pool on the patio. The pool was still closed until summer so I didn't get to swim in it. But I did sit outdoors in the screened-in patio. I got the chicken tenders served with sweet potato fries and a delicious sweet chili sauce. The tenders were pretty good; nothing to write home about, but not bad either. I couldn't tell if they had been previously frozen or were freshly breaded. I think I would have liked a bit more breading. Anyway, the sweet potato fries were pretty good. The fried okra was just alright. I didn't get to taste the bread because someone else took it and ate it. But the restaurant had a cool atmosphere and I'm sure I will be back when the pool is open!
Breading: 6/10 Meat: 7/10 Freshness: 6/10 Sauce: 8/10 Wow factor: 5/10 Value: 5/10 Overall: 6.9/10 Cost: $13 #chicken #chickentenders #chickenfingers #chickenstrips #food 📷: @allie.brooks
I recently had the pleasure of trying the chicken tender basket with fries at The Fennec, and I must say, it was a deliciously satisfying experience. The chicken tenders, while slightly on the drier side, still managed to capture a delightful taste and texture. The breading was crisp and golden brown, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite. The star of the show, however, was the accompanying hot sauce. It was absolutely phenomenal, with the perfect balance of heat and flavor that really elevated the chicken tenders. The sauce added the much-needed moisture to the slightly dry tenders, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that kept me coming back for more. Now, let's talk about the fries. They were absolutely mouthwatering. Perfectly seasoned and cooked to golden perfection, they boasted a wonderful crispy exterior with a soft, fluffy inside. These fries were so good, they could easily stand on their own as a delicious snack. The portion size was generous, and the presentation of the chicken tender basket was visually appealing. The staff at The Fennec were attentive and friendly, which added to the overall positive experience. In conclusion, while the chicken tenders were a bit dry, the incredible hot sauce and scrumptious fries more than made up for it. I would highly recommend giving the chicken tender basket with fries a try at The Fennec. The combination of flavors and textures is sure to make it a memorable meal.
Breading: 7/10 Meat: 8/10 Freshness: 8/10 Sauce: 8/10 Wow factor: 7/10 Value: 5/10 Overall: 8.1/10 Cost: $14 #chicken #chickentenders #chickenfingers #chickenstrips #food 📷: @leecunningham
What a beautiful warm winter’s day to enjoy some chicken tenders outside at Melt in Mountain Brook. I have been to this restaurant a couple times before (at a different location) but they didn’t have chicken tenders, so maybe it is a new addition to the menu. They are “expanding” beyond grilled cheese sandwiches I guess. Anyway, the tenders were very good, as were the fries. I could tell both were cooked fresh. I enjoyed sitting outside on the patio and they had some fun games to play to keep you occupied while you wait for the tenders to come out. I would definitely enjoy this meal again!
Breading: 8/10 Meat: 9/10 Freshness: 8/10 Sauce: 7/10 Wow factor: 8/10 Value: 5/10 Overall: 8.4/10 Cost: $14 #chicken #chickentenders #chickenfingers #chickenstrips #food 📷: @diana_dougherty_vest
The Venue is one of my new favorite places in town. It has an awesome outdoor area to hang out, delicious ice cream, friendly staff, and multiple food options. Right now only one restaurant is open (Old Chicago Eatery), but there will soon be five options to choose from. I was a bit hesitant to try the chicken tenders, but I was not disappointed. They were very tasty and I could tell they were freshly made; there was a nice flavorful seasoning and they were served hot. The meal came with house-made chips instead of fries and I was a little disappointed at first, but the chips turned out to be delicious. My only complaint is I wish there had been 1 or 2 more chicken tenders in the meal as I was still a bit hungry, considering the price. Good thing they had ice cream too at Liza's Sweet Shoppe to finish out the meal. I will definitely be returning here many times because of the outdoor environment and it's a great place to meet friends and hang out. There are lots of TVs to watch your favorite sports game and outdoor activities like cornhole and it's a good place to bring your kid or dog. Make sure to check it out! @venuetuscaloosa
Breading: 8/10 Meat: 9/10 Freshness: 8/10 Sauce: 7/10 Wow factor: 8/10 Value: 6/10 Overall: 8.4/10 Cost: $10.99 #chicken #chickentenders #chickenfingers #chickenstrips #food 📷: @rebekahdale

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